Meet the Experts

We are a team of leading experts in health strategy, public health, healthy lifestyles, research and epidemiology, health programme design, health technology and data, health infrastructure, chronic disease, and communicable disease. In addition, for the delivery of this project, we have built a team of experts in company structure, product commercialisation, and brand positioning.

We bring our expertise and analytic services to co-design and evaluate the right service and ensure they are competitive and future-proof. We are evidence-based, impact-focused, and collaborative in our approach.

We bring to the table up-to-date and comprehensive evidence from the scientific literature. We can discuss with you the validity, reproducibility, limitations, and relevance evidence-based to the project, and jointly decide on the implications for:

  • What you do, in terms of programme design and service offering

  • What you say, in terms of marketing For this project, we will focus on the impact of the program on customer health and on business success.

Everything we do – literature reviews, program design, external expert engagement, etc.– is done with these joint goals in mind. We know that the best solutions are co-created. We will work closely with you to define and describe opportunities and challenges, and jointly explore options for moving forward in order to design the best solution for you.

Dr. Cother Hajat - Lead, Professor of Public Health

Cother is a Public Health Physician, Professor and Epidemiologist, a Fellow of both the Royal College of Physicians (FRCP) and the Faculty of Public Health (FFPH) in the UK and adjunct Professor of Public Health at UAE University. Her career has focused on the prevention of chronic disease and its risk factors through thought leadership, policy development, health system redesign and research in academic, commercial and governmental settings. Cother’s work has featured at the UN General Assembly Meeting, the World Health Assembly, the World Economic Forum, TEDx, the Economist Magazine as well as numerous scientific journal articles, books, magazines, newspaper editorials and blogs.

Dr. Sophie Attwood - Senior Behavioural Scientist

Dr. Sophie Attwood is a chartered psychologist and a doctor in behavioural science. Sophie has published a wide array of research on the psychology of behaviour change and supported service design in areas such as promoting active lifestyles, healthy sustainable diets, mental wellbeing and alcohol harm reduction. Over the last five years, Sophie has worked closely with the food, health and lifestyle industries to translate scientific best practice into initiatives that directly benefit users, based on the latest insights from behavioural science to help people to reach their health and wellbeing goals. Sophie understands the importance of communicating and supporting the journey to changing healthy lifestyles in a way that works with, rather than against, an audiences’ preconceptions, thereby increasing the chance that this information really helps to catalyse a change.

Dr. Kirstie Lawton – Lead Public Health Nutritionist

Kirstie is a registered Associate Nutritionist (AfN) and a registered Functional Nutritionist (BANT) with a PhD in Public Health Nutrition. Over her 20 + year career, she has been responsible for developing, implementing, managing, monitoring and evaluating a wide range of nutrition and health-based projects and programmes, including the development and implementation of nationwide nutrition dietetic and food safety programme for the UAE Armed Forces and National Service Programme from 2008 to 2017. An experienced educator, researcher and nutritional therapy practitioner, Kirstie is currently the Module Coordinator for the first of its kind Graduate Diploma in Integrative and Functional Nutrition at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition/University of Portsmouth. She is also a member of the Editorial Board for the Nutritional Medicine Institute.

Mahna Alyami - Onsite project coordinator, Public Health Manager

Mahna has a Master of Public Health in Chronic Disease Epidemiology from Yale University and a Bachelor of Science in Health Management and Health Promotion from Southeast Missouri State University. He has been a coordinator/ co-author for a research team from different government entities researching the association between injury mechanisms and extended hospital stay. He recently worked with 6-Yale-graduate-students in a program, Innovation Olympics, the world's largest corporate consulting competition in which top universities students solve challenges for the best-known companies, the goal was to make their drink as healthy as possible.

Sid Bouziane - Business Intelligence Lead, Company / Business development lead

Sid Bouziane is a consultant in Healthcare Tech with 20 years of experience with Startups, large public and private organizations. In his previous role with Elevate Health, a mobile application helping with smoking and alcohol addiction, he served as Chief Technology Officer. Sid was responsible for the design, development and launch of Elevate Health using AI, rewards using the crypto coin, motivational notifications and smart devices like breathalyzer and smokerlyser. Whilst at Solidiance, Sid led the company healthcare digital service as a Principal Consultant providing advisory and implementation services to clients in the Middle East and Asia markets. He also held the position of Business Intelligence Manager at Imperial College of London Center where he developed the newly created BI department and Senior Information Officer at the Health Authority of Abu Dhabi.

Sohaib Imtiaz - Health Technology Lead

Sohaib is a board-certified lifestyle medicine doctor and NHS Clinical Entrepreneur Fellow with a Masters in Public Health. Sohaib is a global thought leader in the domains of Innovation, Human Performance and Technology. He is the founder of Human Behaviour Club, the largest club on Clubhouse app where he hosts renowned speakers on all aspects of lifestyle behaviour change. His work includes the areas of Wellness Tech/ Digital Wellness/ Quantitative Wellness, Preventative Medicine, Digital Health, Artificial Intelligence, Apps, Wearables, Lifestyle medicine and Behavioural Economics, Public Health, Start-Ups and digital health innovation consulting.

Layla Safwat - Communication and Design Lead

Layla Safwat Fattah is a communications specialist in health promotion and public advocacy. She has led campaigns to impact public perceptions and spur social and behavioral change, leveraging multi-disciplinary communication strategies to support public-health governmental and non-governmental organizations.

She has managed engagement initiatives for Health Authority Abu Dhabi and SEHA, focused on impacting behavioral change in social welfare and health issues. Her award-winning Child Seat Campaign for HAAD influenced the implementation of child seat legislation in the UAE. Other initiatives included prevention of lifestyle diseases (CVD) as well as vaccination campaigns for HPV, H1N1, Swine Flu and Haj vaccination. She has also led public health campaigns focused on safe driving, cervical screening, school health programs and oral health campaigns for schools and families, in addition to multi-lingual worker education campaigns for ‘Height Safety’ and ‘Working in the Heat.’

Layla has been supporting NYU Abu Dhabi since 2011 with various marketing programs. In 2011 she oversaw the communications strategy for the National Rehabilitation Center (Abu Dhabi), establishing the center as a regional leader in prevention and treatment of substance abuse. This included developing NRC’s communication strategy encompassing awareness campaigns and partnerships with organizations such as the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime and the International Drug Policy Consortium.

She also consultants for The Womanity Foundation, which focuses on women’s empowerment and advancing gender equality to promote more inclusive societies.

Most recently, Layla has led the content development for the UAE Pavilion in Expo 2020. She has also been working on the Frontline Heroes Campaign in the UAE, that highlights the important work of the front-liners during Covid-19 pandemic.

Dr. Farhad Riahi - Health Strategy and Operations

Farhad is an Assistant Professor of Medicine at McGill University, a former Partner in McKinsey & Company’s Health Systems and Services Practice, and a former Head of Healthcare Systems at Novartis International. His work is focused on improving population health outcomes, be it through clinical innovation and improvement, system-level operational performance transformation, digital and advanced analytic tools, or policy change. He has worked on cardio-metabolic health, respiratory conditions, and cancer screening and diagnosis with national healthcare systems and supra-national bodies including WHO. He has worked with healthcare systems in Canada, Europe, Latin America, Southeast Asia, and Sub-Saharan Africa.